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SecValeur is a "one woman business” started in august 2006 (and changed into a private limited company in 2009) by Monique Goossens, as a result of the observed need for a combination of:

  • Investment management knowledge on both front- as backoffice subjects
  • Experience on both buy side as well as sell side
  • Commercial as well as operational experience

SecValeur in French means: “pure and only value”. It refers to Sec(urities) services ánd to my orginal profession, teacher of French.

To conclude: SecValeur adds value to your organisation
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drs. M.Th. (Monique) Goossens

About Monique Goossens

Positions before SecValeur:

  • Started in IT department at KAS BANK (a Dutch custodian) in 1988
  • Made an internal transfer to a supporting role in Relationship Management (Institutional Clients)
  • Head of Accountmanagement Institutional Clients KAS BANK
  • (Head of) Relationship Management Instiutional Clients KAS BANK
  • Senior manager Deloitte & Touche (Investment Consultancy)
  • Project manager Operations MN (fiduciairy manager and pensions administrator)
  • Sales en Relationship Management MN (Fiduciary Management en Pension administration)


SecValeur has a good network amongst pension funds, service providers and other consultancy firms for related areas and regularly cooperates with other consultancy organisations and legal advisory firms.
SecValeur is also a member of the association “Vrouwen In Institutioneel Pensioen” (Women in Institutional Pensions) -


SecValeur B.V.
Prinsessenhof 2,
3708 ZZ Zeist

T 06-22159154

KvK nr.: 30217102