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Consultancy & Project management in the financial sector

SecValeur is an independant consultant servicing institutional clients and focusing on the operational processes related to Investment Management, such as Custody, Collateral Management, Investment Accounting, Tax Reclaim, and Securities lending.

Core Values:
  • Pragmatic and structured approach
  • Independant, reliable and sincere
  • Efficient, down-to-earth
  • Service minded
  • Cooperative, easy fit with your organisation

Type of projects:
  • Custodian reviews / evaluations / searches
  • Optimisation of Securities Lending revenues and processes
  • Implementation of new policies, rules, legislation, processes (for instance Compliance Monitoring, Proxy Voting)
  • Assessment, development and negotiation of Service Level Agreements
  • Make inventory of and advise on operational risks
  • Optimising Tax Reclaim processes
  • Designing structures for monitoring outsourcing partners
  • Advise on and execute outsourcing projects
  • Support transitions to investment managers, custodians, investment accounting firms and other outsourcingspartners
  • Assessments of (operational) processes of custodians and/or (fiduciary) managers
  • Interim management
  • Member of a Pension fund board
  • Member of a Supervisory board

Why SecValeur?
The combination of many years of experience in the (Dutch) institutional environment in different roles (all sides of the negotiation table) with a clear and efficient approach has led to a respectable list of satisfied clients.


SecValeur B.V.
Prinsessenhof 2,
3708 ZZ Zeist

T 06-22159154

KvK nr.: 30217102